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Thought back to that first October…,” Verse Daily [Monograph]

Went out last night with M. in a lavender tie…” and “It is well to remember the chagrin of Leonard Cohen… decomP [Monograph]

Decide to visit the historic sanitarium…”, I seem to be terrible at certain religious distinctions…”, and The Night Virginia Woolf finally slept overapt [Monograph]

N. confesses to me she watched G.I. Joe as a kid…HOOT [Monograph]

I don’t know why Carson subtitled…”, “S. tells me about a Russian number she’s obsessed with…”, “Hosting a trial dinner party for our families…”, “We only know about Sei Shonagon’s Pillow Book…”, “I write about N. as a geologist with vertigo…”, “Walked through the Common last night…”, “My mother sends me a divorce care package…”, “E. says she’s not a golden lesbian…”, and “Chandler trained himself to compose…AGNIonline [Monograph]

&5,” New World Writing [Ampersand Revisited]

&6,” New World Writing [Ampersand Revisited]

&14,” New World Writing [Ampersand Revisited]

I thought no one would ever…” Construction [Ampersand Revisited]

Ampersand Revisited IV.Blackbird [Ampersand Revisited]

Ampersand Revisited V.Blackbird [Ampersand Revisited]

Curfew,Typo [Fingerling Lakes]

Tile,” Mount Island [Fingerling Lakes]

Prep,” Mount Island [Fingerling Lakes]

Dusk,” Waxwing [Fingerling Lakes]

Laying-in,” Waxwing [Fingerling Lakes]

Cylinders,” Waxwing [Fingerling Lakes]

Candid,” Waxwing [Fingerling Lakes]

Nix and Miss Anaphora Meet on Neutral Ground in the Novel,” The Inquisitive Eater [Nix]

Nix Deconstructs Molecular Gastronomy,” The Inquisitive Eater [Nix]

Nix Struggles With Community Theater,” The Inquisitive Eater [Nix]

Nix dreams of his death,” Posit [Nix]

Nix landscapes the Grave of the Unknown Narrator,” Posit [Nix]

Nix, Descending,” Posit [Nix]

Nix fails the cocktail party audition,” Map Literary [Nix]

Nix as Addict,” Map Literary [Nix]

Nix tries to invite the Reader to an Anonymous Meeting,” Map Literary [Nix]

The Reader’s underground economy,” Jet Fuel Review [Nix]

Nix explains to Miss Anaphora his early affinity for the Contagious Radio,” Jet Fuel Review [Nix]

The Author addresses The Reader,” Jet Fuel Review [Nix]

The doppelgänger as guidance counselor,” Beloit Poetry Journal [Nix]

The doppelganger discusses his will with Miss Anaphora,” ArtSake [Nix]

Disclaimer,” DIAGRAM [Outerlude]

Refreshments,” Boaat [Outerlude]

Retroactivity,” Boaat [Outerlude]

Rebuttal,” Boaat [Outerlude]

Ground Rules,” Guernica Magazine [Outerlude]

Hello, My Name Is,” DIAGRAM [Outerlude]

No Take-Backs,” diode [Outerlude]

A Note on the Type,” diode [Outerlude]

Argument,” The Baffler 


Mass Poetry Interview

Mass Cultural Council Micro-Interview

12 or 20 (Second Series) Interview, (interviewed by Rob McLennan)

Under a Warm Green Linden Interview, (interviewed by Christopher Nelson) 

Black Warrior Interview, (interviewed by Bethany Startin)


Anathema: An Eating History,” The Inquisitive Eater


Review of Disappearing Address by Simone Muench and Philip Jenks, Gently Read Literature

Review of Elisa Gabbert’s The French Exit, Gently Read Literature

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