2017 POEMS POSTED ON SOCIAL MEDIA (in posting order)


Eduardo C. Corral, “To the Angelbeast,” in Poetry, collected in Slow LightningYale

Emilia Phillips, “Age of Beauty,” Poem-a-Day

Sam Cha, “Essay on Terry Pratchett (A Corollary),” in Boston Review

John Gallaher, “Space Chimp Lives!” in boaat

Sophie Klahr, “Arrivals,” collected in Meet Me Here at DawnYes Yes

Anne Cecelia Holmes, “Frantic in the present…” collected in Dead YearSixth Finch

Natalie Diaz, “Manhattan is a Lenape Word,” in Lenny

Shari Caplan, “Clementines,” collected in Advice from a SirenDancing Girl

Anne Boyer, “But I had been striking against…” collected in Garments Against WomenAhsahta

Joanna Penn Cooper, “The Dog and Cat Circus

Jedediah Berry, “The telephone rings…” collected in The Family ArcanaNinepin

Adriana Cloud, “Instructions for Making Salsa Verde,” Noble / Gas Qtrly, collected in Instructions for Building a Wind ChimePoetry Society of America

Danniel Schoonebeek, “C’est La Guerre,” Poem-a-Day

Sandra Beasley, “The Parade,” in Blackbird, , collected in I Was the JukeboxNorton

Zach Savich, “Or with Steve on a slow sweaty train…” collected in Diving Makes the Water DeepRescue Press

Bob Hicok, “Elections Have Consequences and Confetti on One Side, not the Other,” in diode

Jeffrey Allen, “An Obituary,” in The Laurel Review

Tommy Pico, “Being sprayed on like roaches…” collected in IRLBirds

Emilia Phillips, “No children exist after midnight…” collected in Beneath the Ice Fish Like Souls Look AlikeBull City

Gregory Lawless, “The President’s Dreams,” collected in I Thought I Was New HereBlazeVOX

Matthew Minicucci, “What We’re Talking About Here,” in Kenyon Review, collected in TranslationKent State

George David Clark, “White Noise,” Poem of the Week, collected in ReveilleUniversity of Arkansas

Dana Levin, “Banana Palace,” in Poetry, collected in Banana PalaceCopper Canyon

John Gallaher, “Love is a Place from Which You Return,” in decomP

Rio Machete Cortez, “Self-Portrait in a Tanning Bed,” in Poets House, collected in I have learned to define a field as a space between mountainsJai-Alai Books

Danielle Cadena Deulen, “On the Uncertainty of Our Judgment,” collected in Our Emotions Get Carried Away Beyond UsBarrow Street

Valerie Hsiung, “I was the show-off…” collected in incantation inarticulateO Balthazar

Valerie Duff, “Tell You,” collected in To the New WorldSalmon Poetry

Mark Doty, “Tiara,” collected in Poets for Life: Seventy-Six Poets Respond to AIDSPersea

Allison Benis White, “As if death was a place…” collected in Please Bury Me in ThisFour Way

Natalie Shapero, “Mostly I Don’t Want to Have a Son—” in Typo, collected in Hard ChildCopper Canyon

Laura Mullen, “Read,” collected in Complicated GriefSolid Objects

Amelia Martens, “In the First World,” collected in The Spoons In the Grass Are There to Dig a MoatSarabande

Adriana Cloud, “Instructions for Learning a Foreign Language,” collected in Instructions for Building a Wind ChimePoetry Society of America

Zach Savich, “My course on the Literature of Longing…” collected in Diving Makes the Water DeepRescue Press

Adam Sol, “Note Found in a Copy of A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” collected in ComplicityMcClelland & Stewart

Fred Marchant, “Ard Na Mara,” in Post Road Magazine, collected in The Looking HouseGraywolf

Rebecca Hazelton, “[I gave myself to Him—]” in Pleiades, collected in Fair CopyOhio State

Lucia Perillo, “Inseminator Man,” collected in The Body MutiniesPurdue University

Karyna McGlynn, “Amanda Hopper’s House,” collected in I Have to Go Back to 1994 and Kill a Girl, Sarabande

Brian Kim Stefans, “The Future is One of Place,” in Poetry

Susan Harper Slaviero, “Mechanized Bride,” collected in CyborgiaMayapple

Sara Jane Stoner, “Evolutionary Pleasures,” collected in Experience in the Medium of DestructionPortable Press at Yo-Yo Labs

Monica Youn, “Exhibition of the Hanged Man,” in The Paris Review, collected in BlackacreGraywolf

Joanna Penn Cooper, “Slow Crescendo,What is a Domicile, Noctuary Press

Cynthia Cruz, “Breaking Glass,” collected in The Glimmering RoomFour Way

Gregory Lawless, “What Fire was That,” in Drunken Boat, collected in I Thought I Was New HereBlazeVOX

Lori Desrosiers, “Night Writing” collected in The Philosopher’s DaughterSalmon Poetry

Shari Caplan, “The Moon Moth Lives for a Week After Emerging,” in Drunk Monkeys

Laura Cronk, “Jersey City Poems,” in The Seventh Wave

Julia Leverone, “Anew,” in Posit

Andrea Cohen, “Butter,” in Poetry, collected in Kentucky DerbySalmon Poetry

Natalie Shapero, “I am not Built for Dead,” in Typo, collected in Hard ChildCopper Canyon

Allison Benis White, “Even the word depression…” collected in Please Bury Me in ThisFour Way

Caolan Madden, “Your Mother Wasted a Year,” in Posit

Cindy Hunter Morgan, “Chicora, 1895,” collected in HarborlessWayne State

Nin Andrews, “Against Amnesia,” in Harpur Palate, collected in Our Lady of the OrgasmMadHat

Danielle Pafunda, “One of us said…” collected in The Dead Girls Speak in UnisonBloof

Alice Anderson, “Hush,” collected in The WatermarkEyewear

Rio Machete Cortez, “I’m Forced to Imagine There are Two of Me Here,” collected in I have learned to define a field as a space between mountainsJai-Alai Books

Fred Marchant, “Elephants Walking,” collected in Tipping PointThe Word Works

Jim Daniels, “Skylab Party,” in The South Carolina Review, collected in Apology to the MoonBat Cat

Traci Brimhall, “Matar as Saudades,” in Waxwing

Kathryn Nuernberger, “About Derrida, If You’re Into That,” in Harpur Palate, collected in The End of PinkBOA

Maggie Smith, “Unclassified Stars,” in Mid-American Review, collected in The Well Speaks of Its Own PoisonTupelo

Karyna McGlynn, “Somebody Gets Shot at the RV Park,” collected in HothouseSarabande

Joanna Penn Cooper, “Fortuitous Poem,” in The Tiny

Amelia Martens, “Newtown,” collected in The Spoons in the Grass Are There to Dig a MoatSarabande

Tommy Pico, “And ugh someone in this wreck…” collected in IRLBirds

Joanna Penn Cooper, “Boat Sonnet

Danniel Schoonebeek, “This Neverender,” in Bat City Review, collected in TrébuchetUniversity of Georgia

Allison Benis White, “I am not any closer to saying what I mean…” collected in Please Bury Me in ThisFour Way

Diane Seuss, “Wolf Lake, white gown blown open,” in Poetry Daily, collected in Wolf Lake, White Gown Blown OpenUniversity of Massachusetts

Adam Sol, “Mr. Polk was Afraid of the Rain,” collected in Crowd of SoundsHouse of Anansi

Paisley Rekdal, “At the Fishhouses,” in Poetry, collected in Imaginary VesselsCopper Canyon

Sophie Klahr, “Departures,” collected in Meet Me Here at DawnYes Yes

Claire Donato, “Catalogue Entry for Aging,” in Harp & Altar, collected in The Second BodyPoor Claudia

Susannah Mintz, “Anti-Eclogue,” collected in The Rose Metal Press Field Guide to Prose PoetryRose Metal Press

David Kirby, “A Little Cough Syrup,” collected in The House of Blue LightLSU

Jennie Malboeuf, “Grandmothers,” collected in Best New Poets 2016University of Virginia

Susan Harper Slaviero, “Abort / Retry,” collected in CyborgiaMayapple

Reginald Shepherd, “Antibody,” collected in WrongUniversity of Pittsburgh

Joanna Penn Cooper, “Seven for Today

Rachel Mennies, “The Teenage Girl Understands,” in The Adroit Journal

Denis Johnson, “The White Fires of Venus,” in Poem-a-Day, collected in The Incognito LoungeCarnegie Mellon University

Natalie Shapero, “My Hair is My Thing,” in The Adroit Journal, collected in Hard ChildCopper Canyon

Fritz Ward, “Letter, Clip,” Sundog Lit, collected in Tsunami DioramaThe Word Works

Ada Limón, “Bust,” in Waxwing

Gregory Lawless, “Jingle,” collected in I Thought I Was New HereBlazeVOX

Catherine Bowman, “Tango (Cinema Sex Ed),” collected in Can I Finish, Please?Four Way Books

Sarah Blake, “Twilight, Starring Kanye,” collected in Mr. WestWesleyan

Tana Jean Welch, “Ad Infinitum,” in Beloit Poetry Journal, collected in Latest VolcanoMarsh Hawk

Kim Addonizio, “73,” collected in Mortal TrashNorton

Anne Cecelia Holmes, “I remember someone calling…” collected in Dead YearSixth Finch

Cate Marvin, “A Brief Attachment,” in Konundrum Engine Literary Review, collected in Fragment of the Head of a QueenSarabande

Bob Hicok, “A Picture is Worth Eight Hundred and Eighty-Seven Words,”  in The Southern Review, collected in Sex & Love &Copper Canyon

Valerie Hsiung, “Sir or Madam,” collected in incantation inarticulateO Balthazar

Eugenia Leigh, “What I Miss Most about Hell,” in Waxwing

John Gallaher, “Among Competing Answers, Choose the Simplest,” in The Los Angeles Review

Joseph O. Legaspi, “30,” in Waxwing

Adriana Cloud, “Instructions for Weeding a Garden,” collected in Instructions for Building a Wind ChimePoetry Society of America

Rebecca Hazelton, “First Husband,” collected in VowCleveland State University Poetry Center

Amy Lawless, “Dolphin Live Birth,” in Bennington Review

Cynthia Cruz, “Death Star,” collected in The Glimmering RoomFour Way

Andrea Cohen, “Isn’t True Love Wonderful?” in The American Poetry Review, collected in UnfathomingFour Way Books

Danielle Pafunda, “Then we lay back on limestone…” collected in The Dead Girls Speak in UnisonBloof

Camille Guthrie, “The Other Victorians,”  in At Length

Adrian Matejka, “& Later,” in Poem-a-Day, collected in Map to the StarsPenguin

Karyna McGlynn, “Mortification Montage,” collected in HothouseSarabande

Fred Marchant, “The Origins of the Practice,” collected in The Looking HouseGraywolf Press

Kevin Griffith, “National Poetry Month,” in Pearl, collected in Denmark, Kangaroo, OrangePearl Editions

Kathryn Nuernberger, “Bat Boy Washed Up Onshore,” in The Southeast Review, collected in The End of PinkBOA

Nin Andrews, “A Glossary of French Orgasms,” collected in Our Lady of the OrgasmMadHat

Lori Desrosiers, “Blanche Remembers,” collected in The Philosopher’s DaughterSalmon Poetry

Cassandra de Alba, “the deer become pre-teens,” in Drunk In A Midnight Choir, collected in habitatsHorse Less

Erin Belieu, “When I am a Teenage Boy,” in Willow Springs

Paul-Victor Winters, “Untitled (Future),” in KYSO Flash

Adam Sol, “Security Camera,” collected in ComplicityMcClelland & Stewart

Allison Benis White, “I am writing to you as an act of immolation…” collected in Please Bury Me in ThisFour Way

Joanna C. Valente, “You are everything to me but you are nowhere on earth because you have died,” in Typo

Kent Shaw, “A Story from My Romantic Past. It Was Full Of Misgivings,” HOBART

Jennifer L. Knox, “Mushrooms,” in Typo

Rosebud Ben-Oni, “Somewhere they tell a woman…” in Waxwing

Jim Daniels, “Snowstorm in Detroit,” collected in Places/EveryoneThe University of Wisconsin

Zach Savich, “The colleague was very lonely…” collected in Diving Makes the Water DeepRescue Press

Krysten Hill, “Kansas City Loves You,” in PANK, collected in How Her Spirit Got OutAforementioned Productions

Paisley Rekdal, “Prayer,” collected in Imaginary VesselsCopper Canyon

Sophie Klahr, “Do You,” in The Rumpus, collected in Meet Me Here at DawnYes Yes

Sumita Chakraborty, “And Death Demands a Labor,” in The Adroit Journal

Jim Daniels, “Places Everyone,” collected in Places/EveryoneThe University of Wisconsin

George David Clark, “Jellyfish,” in Southern Poetry Review, collected in ReveilleUniversity of Arkansas Press

Kevin Prufer, “Rain,” in Poem-a-Day

Joanna Penn Cooper, “Pink Moon Self Portrait,” in The Tiny

Lily Hoang, “On the first day of class…” collected in A BestiaryCleveland State University Poetry Center

Katie Condon, “On the Seventh day God says: What you’ve got is virgin charm & a knife in your pocket.” in boaat

Tana Jean Welch, “Baile Gitano,” in The Briar Cliff Review, collected in Latest VolcanoMarsh Hawk

Natalie Shapero, “Hard Child,” in Gulf Coast, collected in Hard ChildCopper Canyon

Gregory Lawless, “Midsummer,” in The Adroit Journal, collected in I Thought I Was New HereBlazeVOX

Cate Marvin, “Plastic Cookie,” in Poem-a-Day, collected in OracleNorton

Kaveh Akbar, “Supplication with Rabbit Skull and Bouquet,” in Poem-a-Day, collected in Calling a Wolf a WolfAlice James

Gabrielle Calvocoressi, “I was popular in certain circles,” in The Awl, collected in Rocket FantasticPersea

Gabrielle Calvocoressi, “Praise House: The New Economy,” in The American Poetry Review, collected in Rocket FantasticPersea

Jill McDonough, “Bad Decisions,” collected in ReaperAlice James

Maureen N. McLane, “Girls in Bed,” in The Paris Review, collected in Some SayFarrar, Straus and Giroux

Aleda Shirley, “Blue over Orange,” collected in Dark FamiliarSarabande

Carrie Shipers, “Divas’ Division,” in The Laurel Review

Rachel Mennies, “Confession,” in Waxwing

Rebecca Hazelton, “Handsome Man,” in Waxwing

Larisa Svirsky, “Good,” in Typo

Amorak Huey, “Looking at Men,” in Typo

Stephanie Burt, “My 1985,” in The New Yorker, collected in Advice from the LightsGraywolf

Maureen Seaton, “The Integrity of Matter,” in Posit

David Kirby, “Strip Poker,” collected in The House of Blue LightLSU

Sarah Trudgeon, “Freshbaby,” in diode

Morgan Parker, “Welcome to the Jungle,” in Prelude, collected in There Are More Beautiful Things Than BeyoncéTin House

Steve Mueske, “What Doesn’t Kill You,” in Typo

Colette Arrand, “Body Image,” in Waxwing

Alice Anderson, “To the Wolves,” collected in The WatermarkEyewear

Natalie Diaz, “The Cure for Melancholy is to Take the Horn,” in The Paris-American

Shanna Compton, “The Driest Place on Earth,” in The Awl

Marni Ludwig, “Ceremony for a Bystander,” collected in PinwheelNew Issues

Jay Besemer, “my philosophers are all in love with one another,” collected in ChelateBrooklyn Arts

Marcus Wicker, “Ars Poetica Battle Rhyme for Sucker Emcees,” in jubilat, collected in SilencerHoughton Mifflin Harcourt

Emma Winsor Wood, “blowjob,” in Whiskey Island

Claire Donato, “The Second Body is a Shield,” in Aufgabe, collected in The Second BodyPoor Claudia

Reginald Shepherd, “Boy, Allegorically Deployed,” collected in Fata MorganaUniversity of Pittsburgh

Catherine Bowman, “What is Ohio Who is Mr Ellington,” in Harvard Review, collected in Can I Finish, Please?, Four Way Books

David Wojahn, “Atahualpa,” in The Cortland Review, collected in For the ScribeUniversity of Pittsburgh

Sarah Blake, “I Try Not to See Myself as a Mother Figure,” in Boston Review, collected in Mr. WestWesleyan

Kim Addonizio, “Divine,” in Fifth Wednesday, collected in Mortal TrashNorton

Anne Cecelia Holmes, “I crack open a light bulb…” in Nightblock, collected in Dead YearSixth Finch

Emilia Phillips, “Believe It or Not I Started to Worry,” in The Shallow Ends

Miriam Bird Greenberg, “I Passed Three Girls Killing a Goat,” in Poetry, collected in In the Volcano’s MouthUniversity of Pittsburgh

Maggie Smith, “Manic Panic,” in Failbetter, collected in The Well Speaks of Its Own PoisonTupelo

Bob Hicok, “Varieties of Cool,” in The New Yorker, collected in Sex & Love &Copper Canyon

Andrea Cohen, “What I Heard,” in Alaska Quarterly Review, collected in UnfathomingFour Way Books

Danielle Pafunda, “Though our sticks are split…” collected in The Dead Girls Speak in UnisonBloof

Zach Savich, “Cavafy, I sometimes say in a class…” collected in Diving Makes the Water DeepRescue Press

G.C. Waldrep, “Blood Ruminant,” in New England Review, collected in DisclamorBOA

Cassandra de Alba, “a deer with the head of Emily Dickinson,” in Flapperhouse, collected in habitatsHorse Less

Adriana Cloud, “Instructions for Drowning,” collected in Instructions for Building a Wind ChimePoetry Society of America

Karyna McGlynn, “Elegiac Stanza (with Rhinestones),” collected in HothouseSarabande

Fred Marchant, “C.O.” collected in Tipping PointThe Word Works

Kathryn Nuernberger, “PT Barnum’s Fiji Mermaid Exhibition,” in Green Mountains Review, collected in The End of PinkBOA

Lesley Wheeler, “All-purpose Spell for Banishment,” in Salamander

Max Ritvo, “Plush Bunny,” in Poetry Northwest, collected in Four ReincarnationsMilkweed

Miguel Murphy, “Hamlet,” in Blackbird

Nin Andrews, “The orgasm is not sure about the About Me page,” collected in Our Lady of the OrgasmMadHat

Cate Marvin, “It’s a Limousine,” in The Baffler

Adrian Matejka, “Beat Boxing,” collected in Map to the StarsPenguin

Adrian Blevins, “Nope,” in The Baffler

Lynn Melnick, “Lagoon,” collected in If I Should Say I Have HopeYes Yes

Joshua Bennett, “VCR&B,” in Blackbird, collected in The Sobbing SchoolPenguin

George David Clark, “Denouement in a Wooden Dollhouse,” collected in ReveilleUniversity of Arkansas Press

Elisa Gonzalez, “Essay on Inheritance,” in Hyperallergic

Vanessa Stauffer, “Cosmology,” collected in CosmologyDancing Girl

Ocean Vuong, “Trevor,” in Buzzfeed